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It Is Today We Must Create
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SERA Certified ESG Leader (CESGL®)


SERA Certified ESG Leader (CESGL®) is a professional designation awarded by Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) to signify that a professional possesses the competence and leadership to establish the ESG management system.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) refers to the three main areas of concern by the investors as the major factors in measuring the sustainable financial return of an investment in a business. There is a need for the development, implementation and maintenance of an ESG management system for improving sustainable performance, rather than merely ESG reporting.

An effective ESG management system provides the ESG policy, procedures and documents needed to manage the processes towards the realization of sustainable financial return.

Having customized its online training material to meet the huge market demand for ESG professionals worldwide, SERA is proud to announce its unique online training program in ESG management. After successfully completing the online training program and assessment, the participants will be awarded the SERA Certified ESG Leader (CESGL®) designation for all professional purposes.

What’s more, the CESGL® alumni will also get access to an exclusive ESG Circular Community , connecting with passionate sustainability leaders and collaborating on impactful initiatives!

Benefits of SERA Certified ESG Leader (CESGL®)

Digital Copy of CESGL® Certificate
Eligible to apply for the
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Exclusive Alumni Membership
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The purpose of the SERA Certified ESG Leader program (CESGL®)is to provide profound knowledge to help CEOs and senior managers in establishing the ESG management system, auditing and reporting.

Upon completing the program, participants should be able:

To enhance professional credibility in the fastest growing industry

To extend the knowledge and skills in ESG management

To get professional certification

To foster career advancement

Learning Mode


The fee includes:

The fee includes:

Save more than 40% off (Original price USD1,560) if you enroll the certification exam along with the training course.

The fee includes:


Who should attend —

This certification program targets the participants who are in the management or supervisory positions. Earning the SERA Certified ESG Leader (CESGL®)designation can open up many career paths and opportunities:

Eligibility —



The CESGL® Programme is structured in 5 Modules:

Module 1: Trends of ESG management

This session goes through the major global initiatives of sustainability and explains its macro point of view. It then describes how important sustainability is to organisations and how stakeholders are involved. It also describes the governance responsibilities and gave business cases of ESG. 

Module 2: Management Responsibility

This unit covers the setting of vision and ESG policies. Stakeholders rights, stakeholder engagement and the corporate governance structure to satisfy a company’s needs are also included.

Module 3: ESG Planning and Objectives

In ESG planning, the types of ESG risk analysis are looked into. It then goes on to developing ESG objectives and KPIs, establishing ESG criteria and developing ESG programs. Materiality analysis is also covered.

Module 4: For Implementing and Operation Control

This unit covers the development of the ESG management manual where responsibility and authority of the ESG management system are defined. It helps to identify training needs and develop stakeholder communication. It then goes to describe how to monitor and control the operation, established risk control and emergency responses.

Module 5: Performance Evaluation and ESG Reporting

Review of ESG management system is covered in this unit as well as the need of system audit, the procedure of taking corrective and preventive actions, as well as maintaining records and a knowledge base. It described the process of conducting management reviews and developing ESG reports.

Certification Examination

Certification Examination :
  • Only candidates who enrolled in the training programme are eligible to take the certification examination.
  • Each candidate is required to pass a digital examination in multiple choice.
  • Those who fail in the assessment can re-take the examination for one more time. If applicants fail the examination twice, extra charge will be incurred to re-take the examination.


We offer a  CESGL® short workshop for anyone who are interested in ESG to have an overview of the Certified ESG Leader Programme, let the beginners have basic understanding of ESG management.

Content included in this workshop:

  • Introduction to Certified ESD Leader Program (CESGL®)
  • Insight of ESG from investment’s point of view
  • ESG value-added
  • Impact of ESG Criteria on Financial Performance
  • Growing Trend of ESG Investment 
  • Case Study of ESG Investment Direction
  • ESG Core Subjects Area & Aspect
  • ESG Goal
  • ESG Criteria & Materiality Analysis

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Programme Detail


The certificate will be delivered to the participant within 60 days, after successfully passing the examination .


Candidates may apply for the direct entry for the award of SERA Honorary Certified ESG Leader (Hon.CESGL®), subject to the approval of the Council of SERA.

To be eligible for direct entry, candidates must meet one of the following criteria:

Candidates who apply for direct entry should fill in the application form, together with 200 words of personal profile in terms of leadership, professional knowledge, achievements, awards and social responsibility.




Dr. Bernard Cheng
Dr. Cheng has over 18 years of international business experience in corporate sustainability, working in Integrated Resorts, golf resorts, telecommunication, energy, education, public sector and retail sector as well as in NGO. He has developed sustainability management systems, set strategies, designed and implemented numerous sustainability projects and campaigns. His experience includes ISO 14064, ISO 50001, ISO140001 and ISO 9001 systems.
Among his experience, he has prepared award-winning GRI sustainability report, managed Green Office programmes, developed and taught numerous sustainability courses to the industry as well as to eMBAs as well as helping organisations to score for sustainability awards.


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Whether you are advanced in your ESG journey and want to get higher marks in your ESG ratings, or at the beginning of your ESG plan, organising your first ESG awareness training, we are happy to create ESG success for you and with you.

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